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Office of Pupil Services
Contact TypeContact Information
Office of Pupil Services
23 Depot Street
Westford, MA 01866
Phone 978-692-5560 x 2111
Fax: 978-392-1509

Our Leadership Team includes:

Team Member
Contact Information
Courtney Moran
Director of Pupil Services
Zoë Daniel
Administrative Assistant
Dotty Wagner
Administrative Assistant
Nichole Cailler
Student Support Leader (Early Childhood)
Melissa Boylan
Student Support Leader (K-2)
Jennifer Hutchinson
Student Support Leader (3-5)
Kelly Diette
Student Support Leader (6-8)
Arvid Tenney
Student Support Leader (9-12)
Ashley Kopley
Out-of-District Liaison

Special Education services are available to students with identified handicapping conditions who require services in order to progress in school from the age of 3 until 22.  In accordance with Chapter 766 and Public Law 94-142, Westford identifies, evaluates and provides services to students with identified special needs.  Each school is staffed with licensed professionals who support an inclusive education for students according to Individual Education Plans. (IEP)

Students experiencing difficulty in the general education program may be referred to the Instructional Support Team (IST).  The IST team acts as an early intervening team offering instructional consultation, support, and/or direct services to students and their teachers.  As required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), each school follows the District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP) as a means of providing necessary accommodations.

When a student is referred for a Special Education Evaluation (previously referred to as a CORE evaluation), another team is assembled.  This team may include many members, but always consists of parent or guardian, student (if older than 14), a general education teacher and special education teacher.  A comprehensive evaluation is recommended which is tailored to the referral question.  The evaluation may or may not consist of the following: psychological, achievement, speech & language, physical, occupational, health, and vocational assessments.  Observations and work samples are also an important part of the evaluation process.  Following the administration of recommended assessments, the team meets to discuss the results and determine eligibility for special education services based on an identified disability and the lack of effective progress within the general education curriculum.  A team chair is always identified to facilitate a professional, respectful, and efficient meeting.  This individual is obligated to 1) follow state and federal guidelines and 2) allocate necessary district funds.

A Parent's Guide to Special Education

Special Education Eligibility and Reevaluation Determination

        Notice of Procedural Safeguards


If found eligible for special education services Westford has services and programs to meet the needs of a wide-range of students.  Students may receive support in a variety of areas as defined by their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  Programs may include a combination of services within regular classrooms and learning centers.  Collaboration among special educators, general educators, related service providers, parents and students is maintained for coordination of academic and social/emotional expectations, classroom modifications and strategies, and student progress